I have just watched the new John Carter movie and to be honest I can see why it failed to ignite te box office. It wasn’t the fault of the actors or special effects guys, they did a sterling job on creating an alien world and society and the Edgar Burroughs tie in was clever. However I thought the middle of the movie floundered some what and could easily have been cut to make the story flow better and faster. There was no point in the desert crossing to look for the mystical Gates.It slowed things up but I did like the shot of Carter facing down the alien army and slicing and dicing to his heart’s content, Trapped beneath a sea of bodies, it reminded me of an old Conan the Barbarian comic cover. The ending though felt like the Flash Gordon movie with him sweeping in to stop the wedding. The fact Disney withdrew its marketing of the movie was the death knell for the movie. It was epic and sweeping with solid performances but didn’t keep my attention for the duration. Maybe a director’s cut would be in order. By no means the worst movie ever, indeed I don’t think it deserves the label biggest flop ever but the scripting did need a severe overhaul.


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