This is the latest quick read series designed to encourage kids to read more and while others have been lacklustre in the past, this is a cracking story and one where you think why did nobody think of that before?

While holidaying in London and getting thrown out of everywhere, The Doctor, Amy and Rory discover girls have been going missing and it seems linked to a pensioner’s day trip and a magician that is judge on a television talent show. They discover he is using a weeping angel in the vanishing girl act and is fully aware of what is happening. As long as it gets Sammy to the big time, he doesn’t care and the race is on to get rid of the angel. They discover the two pensioners are in fact the girls they are trying to save from being sent back in time by the angel. There is an all pervading doom as we know certain things cannot be changed but that doesn’t stop Amy who throws herself into the act by substituting herself as the magician’s assistant. Can the Doctor save her?

This is a brilliantly written story that uses an old enemy in a clever way, inverting the magician show in a dark way. Jacqueline Rainer has excelled herself with this one. Highly recommended.


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