It seems the world of scifi is dominated by the Welsh, Scottish and Americans at the minute and we in Northern ireland seem to always get the short end of the stick, whether it be scif conventions, exhibits, big events, only for our own ingenuity do we ever get a taste of what over the water has.

So here we have Following the Nerd, a new fanpage on Facebook dedicated to bringing all the separate groups and fans in Northern Ireland into one place, so we can start having our own voice in the scifi world.

Emerald Garrison, Vortex 3 and Predators Ireland are prevalent but like myself have long wanted to see scifi events happen over here. Thank God they organise their own shows in the likes of the Odyssey so we can all enjoy Star Wars but it leaves you wanting more. We also have a plethora of writers, actors and media types that all have a long term love affair with scifi.

The arrival of the Doctor Who Live concert last year left many excited but wondering when we can have more of the same. Especially in the current economic climate, people cannot afford to travel overseas to see their favourite shows live.

So here we are, Following the Nerd, a platform where every single scifi fan out there in Ireland can come together and share what’s going on, special events or celebrity appearances.

Come on over and join us.


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