When Sarah Jane reappeared in School Reunion, she has severe issues with the Doctor never having reappeared in her life, claiming she waited and thought he was dead.

But wait a minute, discounting the various comic  strips and novels that have teamed Sarah up with later Doctors, her claims just don’t make sense.

Firstly, the Doctor sent her K9 as a present. a sure indicator he hadn’t forgotten her and was still alive. Granted this happened whn Tom Baker was on the cusp of regenerating into Peter Davison but still, it was years after Sarah was forced to leave the Tardis.

But the biggie for me was when Sarah was taken by the time scoop and thrown into not only meeting the third incarnation but meeting all five of the current Doctors.

Although I understand it was dramatically necessary for the story, Russell T Davies seems to have turned a blind eye to these events so School Reunion becomes more effective but for someone with the whole Target collection of books in his office, he did make a boob.

But ultimately it was the perfect springboard for the new Sarah Jane Adventures but for these two, the connection will never be broken.


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