Mickey the idiot as we first meet him, is Rose’s boyfriend, just a normal bloke in love with a beautiful girl.

He is duplicated by the Autons in order to get to the Doctor and when he falters into a quivering wreck, it is the first indication that he may not the man for Rose. The Doctor seems to have an instant dislike to him and maybe it is the consequences of what happened to him when Rose went off in the Tardis that begin to change Mickey forever.

Accused of murdering Rose, he is a virtual pariah, shunned by people and persecuted by Jackie to the extent he never leaves his flat.

His anger at Rose and the Doctor is justified and yet it falls to Mickey to save the world from the Slitheen when the Doctor can’t. And it is this action that thaws the Doctor’s attitude against him, especially when he refuses a trip on the Tardis. And he is integral to saving the Time Lord in the Christmas Invasion. The inept Mickey is slowly crumbling.

However, Mickey is actively searching out aliens, his future life begins here, as he discovers the Krillitanes in the school causing Sarah Jane Smith to meet the Doctor again while Mickey sees himself as the tin dog, something useful to others at certain times and it is this attitude that makes him decide to travel with the Doctor and Rose.

That is until he meets his grandmother alive and well in the alternate universe. Mickey feels guilty his gran died alone and it is only for his bravery that the Doctor and co survive the exploding Cyber factory.

It is obvious Mickey is deeply emotional and has great ties to those he loves and he is man enough to give up the girl he loves to stay and fight the Cyber menace and give his gran the life she should have had in the alternate Earth.

This is Mickey’s defining moment when he grows up and becomes a man and indeed when he finds a way back and stands up against the Daleks, Rose sees him in a whole new light.

When he and the entire Tyler family remain on the other Earth, Mickey becomes part of their Torchwood, with the woman he loves yet can never have but he remains part of the family.

When he finally makes the decision to stay on his Earth at the end of Journey’s End, Mickey’s own journey is complete. He has put to rest his guilt, been man enough to give up  Rose and do what the Doctor does-fight alien threats to Earth.

When we last see him, Mickey has married Martha Jones and together they continue the fight to protect the Earth. Mickey’s journey is complete and his onscreen journey from cowardly boy to gun toting man facing down Davros and the Daleks is beautifully handled.

Noel Clarke plays him brilliantly, the slightest look at his lost love, speaking volumes of deep emotion. Rose will forever be his friend as he crossed universes to save her and travelled to another dimension to let her go.

Mickey’s the man, no doubt about it.


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