X Factor’s 2011 tour opened in Belfast last night but to one startling shocker- Mary Byrne was too ill to perform, leaving a lot of people disappointed.

But to say the others stepped up to the mark would be an understatement. Each and every performer including Aiden, Paige, Cher, Katie, Rebecca, Wagner and One Direction sang their hearts out to put on a show that left last year’s concert sitting in the shade.

From One Direction’s cover of Rhianna hit The Only Girl in the World to Rebecca on a platform with butterfly wings that spanned the entire stage to Matt’s catwalk above the crowd were just some of the highlights for the delighted crowds.

The arena went wild for One Direction and even Wagner who sang She Bangs and Livin the Vida Loca went down a storm.

A red haired Cher stormed the stage, so confident and each number perfectly executed with backing dancers, the atmosphere was electric. And the entire evening climaxed into their charity song Heroes as paper ribbons snowed the arena as each act departed.

Apart from the disappointment of Mary’s illness, this year’s concert absolutely rocked the Odyssey and my personal highlight was when Matt, Cher and One direction passed within arm’s reach of me and my family. The only bad thing was my son had hid Matt cap on and wasn’t even noticed by Matt as he was rushed past us. Seriously bouncers, lighten up a bit.


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