Two guests from the world of Doctor Who have been confirmed for the Vortex 3 convention in the Europa Hotel Belfast on May 1st 2011.

First up from Victory of the Daleks is actor Bill Patterson, who played Professor Bracewell in Victory of the Daleks. Bracewell foolishly believed he had created and built the Ironhides, or as we know them Daleks, to help Winston Churchill win the war. Little did he know, that in fact, the Daleks had created him, giving him a completely false life and memories.

He was a robot, crippled by human emotion, which saved London as he was about to explode as Amy reminded him of a lost love.

Bill has many credits to his name including Sea of Souls and this is his first convention appearance in Belfast.

Next up, from the legions of cold blooded Silurians is actress Neve McIntosh who played the vicious General Restac and her twin sister Alaya in Cold Blood and the Hungry Earth, where the Doctor must race to prevent a war between the Silurians and mankind. And his job is made a lot harder when Alaya is murdered by a grieving mother. Restac will probably be remembered for murdering Rory Williams and her beautifully understated grief when Restac discovers her sister is dead before unleashing her ferocity on mankind.

These are two really exciting guests and a real coup for Northern Ireland. Tickets now on sale at the Vortex website. Personally, I can’t wait!


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