My God, what a climax to David Tennat’s first season as the Daleks and Cybermen clash in the Torchwood institute before hordes of Skaro’s children, trapped by Time Lord technology, invade London’s skies and start battling legions of Cybermen on the streets below.

This is one of my favourite stories and not just because of the monster teamup.

The setup of the ghosts is brilliantly done as Torchwood, set up by Queen Victoria in Tooth and Claw, a classic tale, one of my favourites, inadvertently helps bring abut the Cyber invasion while unwittingly hosting 4 Daleks in the basement below.

The return of Mickey, the reveal of the Cybermen, a twist on the Daleks, the terrifying image of one of the silver giants kicking in a front door as children cower in terror, must have made kids all over the country look twice when a knock came to their front door.

Love it, love it, love it until the very end. What was wrong with th ending? Nothing to do with Rose or the sudden appearance in Donna in a wedding dress but there was one HUGE gaping plothole that left me gobsmacked and sort of really got on my tits.

The Doctor manages to magnetically suck all objects touched by the void stuff back into hell, sealing them away forever. The machine builds, the Daleks panic and suddenly the void begins sucking in everything it owns.

HOWEVER, there is only one point of entry to the void, the reason Torchwood built Canary Wharf to house it, yet as hundreds of Daleks are sent screaming back into hell, there’s a slight problem.

Not one Cyberman is pulled in.

We see the Cybermen being sucked off the streets too but not one is seen being pulled back into the void. There should have been Cybermen and Daleks smashing into each other, helpless before the void’s power but no matter how many times I view it, I can’t help notice there are no Cybermen flailing helplessly.

And before anyone starts, I know putting together these shows are a huge undertaking and you can become WhoBlind being so close to it but surely someone in the effects team, production team or the tea boy noticed the severe abscence of Cybers rushing to the void. Obviously not, since it was broadcast as was. Ok, it may seem trivial but I only point it out because I want the show to be perfect. So please don’t hate me when I tell you the rest of my nitpicks.


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