Now before the world and its granny start moaning at me, let me just say, I don’t point out these mistakes for a laugh or to ridicule the Daddy of all scifi shows, I just noticed these things and wondered, am I alone in seeing these or are they being swept under the carpet in a sort of you auntie smells of piss but you know your mother will kill you if you remark on it.

Well, damn it, I ain’t scared of Mama so I’m going to tell it as it is.

Rise of the Cybermen and Age of Steel brought back the new updated Cybermen in way that put the Borg to shame. We have the Tardis, sucked into a parallel world where Zeplins cruise the skies, Tony Blair isn’t prime minsiter and oh yes, Pete Tyler is alive. Incidentally, my favourite scene in Doomsday is when Pete and Jackie are reunited. Bloody brillint!

Anyway, what’s wrong with the Rise of the Cybermen? Nothing, love it, love the cliffhanger, love the Cyber stomp, Mickey’s journey and Rose’s shock at her alternate mother turning on her at the party.

Even part 2 is excellent, except for 2 tiny things.

How the hell does a Cyberman stomp silently up behind Mrs Moore and kill her off when you can hear them stomping a mile away? The joke in the Next Doctor about having legs on silent doesn’t work for me and the Pandorica Opens did it perfectly when the amputated Cyberman appears out of nowhere and attacks Amy.Sloppy at best

But my main gripe is an extra that appears several times. I probably wouldn’t have noticed him except he’s in scenes where Rose and Pete are captured by the Cybermen in the powerstation and escorted away. It was his leather jacket with its coloured stripes that caught my attention. I thought to myself, I wouldn’t be seen dead being converted in that jacket. Maybe it’s a taste thing .

But anyway, the jacket is in the possessed crowd that walk to Battersea power Station, walks into a conversion chamber, gets zapped and comes out the other end a Cyberman.

But watch- the Doctor sends the code and all Cybermen are screaming in pain and all possessed now have freewill and run for their lives.

Lo and behold, the jacket is running with the others, talk about regeneration. If you don’t believe me, go back and watch it again. The jacket is converted then he’s running for Ireland, ear plugs thrown to the side.

Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s a weakness but I was told I think sideways and see things differently. Jackets coming back from the dead couldn’t be any more sideways.


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