The Master is back, insane and hellbent on revenge against the Doctor to become the last of the Time Lords.

He has stolen the Tardis, travelled back to our time, gained a wife and become Prime Minister, all the while plotting with the Toclafane in his most twisted scheme yet.

The Doctor, Martha and Jack are helpless as the skies split asunder and billions of deadly spheres spill to Earth.

This is the Master at his most chilling as he casually gives the order to remove 10% of the population. A year later, what’s left of humanity are slaves, living in fear of Saxon. Martha is a refugee, walking the Earth, seeking a mythological weapon but secrety laying the Doctor’s plan to spread the word.

And she does, is captured by the Master at the exact time the Doctor planned as every last person on Earth shouts Doctor and he uses the physic network of satellites to repair himself and defeat the Master.

Time reverts to the first day of the Master’s reign and noone will ever know it happened.

Except, in the first version, the American President was assassinated by two Toclafane at 8.02am and the invasion begins. When the Doctor defeats the Master and Jack destroys the paradox machine, time reverts to 8.02am, just after the President was assassinated and the Toclafane arrive. But wait, where are the two Toclafane that murdered the President? The world was watching, so literally saw the British Prime Minister kill the President. International incident anybody? Irrelevant the sky doesn’t split apart, there are missing aliens and a populace choking on their cornflakes as well as every American taking up baseball bats, ready to kill anything British.

This threw me when I first watched Last of the Time Lords and still does actually. The turn back time solution seemed a bit too convenient but was the only way the story could end. It’s almost as if Davies wrote himself into a corner and hoped noone would notice. Sloppy, very sloppy.


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