What’s all this fuss about the new multicoloured Daleks?

Rumour has it they will not feature in this year’s new series because there is no good story for them. Maybe not a bad thing.

The team’s reveal of the new Daleks met with quite a lot of backlash and even writer, Mark Gattiss would be happier if they removed the infamous hump from their backs. He had been inspired by the Daleks from the Peter Cushing movies of the 60s. Big, brash, coloured Daleks that stood out and they are almost there, apart from the hump.

Personally, they looked a bit plastic and the first thing that came into my head was that’s 5 more figures I have to buy. Big they may be but there is something art decor about them.

Now, apparently the production team has stated the old Daleks will be back, having been destroyed by their successors in Victory of the Daleks.

Fans like the old tank versions and they are the definitive3 version in the public mind so there was no way these new coloured ones could succeed.

BUT it makes perfect story sense. We could not continue with yet another Dalek survivor from the Time War popping up. So we had logically to bring them back for good.

And despite my intial reservations, these new Daleks once I’d actually seen them in real life at the Doctor Who Live Show, rocked!!!

They are stunningly impressive and in that second when they all paraded out into the arena, all doubts went. These are effective designs and the crowds loved them. But still, let’s get rid of the hump.

Long live the Daleks!


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