Looking back at the Tenth Doctor’s swansong, it was an ok story but one I felt was full of missed opportunities.

But the one aspect I disagree with critics on was the amount of time the Doctor had before he actually regenerated and what he did. I think it may have bothered Russell T. Davies as well as it was referred to in the Sarah Jane Adventures the Death of the Doctor, where the Doctor tells Jo Grant he went back and visited all of his companions and not just the ones we saw on screen.

This was criticized a lot but I feel the exact opposite. The Doctor believed he was dying, that somehow the regeneration sequence had been disrupted by the radiation burst he absorbed. And if someone is dying, then they reflect on the good things they left behind and see did they make their mark on the world through family and friends.

So, I believe this was exactly the right way to end the story, the Doctor travelling back to ensure all his friends are ok and he did make a difference and not corrupt the lives of those that travelled him as Davros accused him.

This was his reward, to see his actions produced good things and his lifestyle had a positive effect on those around him.

The Doctor was literally saying goodbye as death approached and it is beautifully underscored when he gives Wilf the lottery ticket he bought with a pound given freely by Donna’s father. Even in death, loved ones still have an impact on our lives. Coupled by Bernard Cribbin’s and Jacqueline King’s performances poignant and speaking volumes through one tremble of the lip, is exquisite drama, let alone a scifi one.

The sentiment is beautifully written and as anyone who has been in that awful position, it is the gathering of loved ones as you die that gives us peace. For the Doctor, alone at the end, he has seen his family are well and his spirit will live on in everyone he has touched.



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