Of all the monsters the Doctor has battled over the last 49 years, the two that have been waiting patiently to be updated and brought back ar 2 fan favourites and my own personal top 2 wishlist of returnees.

First up are the Zygons, from the Tom Baker adventure Terror of the Zygons. they are refugees from a dead world and their spaceship crashed into Loch Ness, where they have lived for centuries. The Loch Ness monster is in fact, a Skarasen, essentially a cow, whose milk sustains the Zygons.

They are shapeshifters, capturing locals and holding them prisoner while they assume their forms and infiltrate the community. When they begin destroying oil rigs, the Brigadier calls in the Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane and one of the classic adventures ever begins.

And when we left, the rest of the Zygon fleet was on its way to colonise Earth. They have appeared in various comic strips and novels over the years and a return visit would be most welcome. I can still remember them from their only appearance all those years ago which is no mean feat because I have trouble remembering yesterday!

Next up is the Yeti, first encountered by the 2nd Doctor at a Tibetan monastery in the Himalayas where an ancient entity called the Great Intelligence was using the robotic Yeti in a plan to consume the Earth. The Doctor beat it but they returned updated a few stories later in the Web of Fear, where London has been sealed off by a thick web. In the London Underground lurk the Yeti, back and stronger than ever, as is the Intelligence; only this time its power has expanded. Web of fear also introduced Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart whom the Doctor would meet from time to time…

The Yeti are a classic foe and have also appeared in not only novels but a video spinoff with the Brig, Sarah Jane and Victoria.

Come on Mr Moffet, make our dreams come true, time to revisit some old friends.


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