First seen as the nurse who caught onto coma patients walking the streets, Rory is the slightly nerdy fiance of Amy Pond.

Who would have thought when Amy ran out on him, he would end up travelling in the Tardis? Rory is awkward but doesn’t hold back on telling the Doctor exactly what he thinks of the danger his lifestyle puts everyone in. He knows Amy has feelings for the Doctor and truly loves her and his delight in Amy’s Choice at her declaration of love is brilliant.

Rory grows within just a couple of episodes when he realises The Doctor is right about a possible war between the humans and the Silurians and bravely leads the others to deliver the body of the Silurian warrior that has been murdered. But when he is killed by reptile guns and  erased from history, you can feel the Doctor’s anguish as Amy forgets the love of her life.

But as events unfold, the Doctor discovers Rory alive and well in Roman Britain as a soldier who remembers everything except how he got there. His shyness and jealousy as he looks to Amy to give him at least a glimmer of recognition is rewarded, just as he reverts to the Auton construct he is, and against his will, shoots her dead.

This is where Rory finally earns his place in Who history and perfect companion material for the Doctor. Driven by love, he guards his dead lover’s body in the Pandorica, saving it time and again over 2,000 years from bombings, thieves, war and fire.

He has become an urban legend, the guardian of the box that is only glimpsed when danger rears its head, just like a certain Time Lord.

With that epic sacrifice, Rory gets Amy back, shoots a Dalek and helps restore the universe back to normal and the audience is delighted when the new Mr. Pond takes his place with his wife and Doctor as they head off to the wierdest honeymoon in history.

Welcome aboard, Mister Pond.


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