There are hundreds of pages on Facebook, many from the scifi genre. Each has a specific purpose, to promote a book, support a cause or just for fun.

And now there are two that have really caught my attention. Why? The visuals and details are astounding, beautiful images that stand out, catch the eye and drew me in.

They are the TimeLords Academy and the Gallifreyan Empire, created and run by one David Havers from England.

David has a lifelong love of scifi and especially Doctor Who. Like many, he has met various actors and Doctors as well as monsters from the show, all profiled on his Facebook profile.

The TimeLords Academy sets little tests and quizzes about the show with exquisite visuals that really sell the page and you can believe this is sent from Gallifrey. The Gallifreyan Empire could almost be a title from a Doctor Who story or one of the Big Finish productions, a continuing series of audio plays featuring actors from Doctor Who.

It too sets quizzes and invites and informs fans about all aspects of the show. Again, a strong visual prescence draws you in.

There are quizzes and fun comments and a cauldron for fans to get mixed up in.

The unique thing about these pages is they actively promote and support other pages and fans who may have something to say and share. Most pages just want a “like” and that’s it but David strives to keep the pages interactive and informative by telling fans about things and items they may have missed regarding Doctor Who and that’s the charm of these two pages.

They welcome you, they engage you and you want to go back. David goes out of his way to support any other fan. He says the pages serve 2 purposes for him- fun and to bring fans together to celebrate the show they love. And that’s exactly what you get.

I encourage all fans across the world and on Facebook to please visit The Gallifreyan Empire and The TimeLords Academy on Facebook. Click on Like and you may never leave again. I’m impressed by them and David himself, and believe me, it takes a lot to impress me.



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