The Vampire Diaries I initially dismissed as a Twilight rip off, a cheap Poundstretcher to their Debenhams but how wrong I was.

Twilight bores me in general, there are some good elelments but the main female lead isn’t believable for me. She comes across as a selfish cat, ready to become vampire, not thinking of the consequences to her parents, especially he dad, who is the lynchpin in her life. The vampire family excels and the werewolf effects are excellent but nothing quite gells for me.

Not so Vampire Diaries. It has evolved great complex characters, genuine shocks and taken what could have been a cliche doppleganger storyline in a n ingenious multilayered story involving werewolves and witches. It’s a pity though their werewolves are dogs with glowing eyes and superspeed rather than the ones from Dog Soldiers and Being Human.

Damon is a great character, not good, not evil, forever denied the love of Elena because she loves Stefan, a cruelty twisted even more because it was Damon that resisited becoming a vampire only for Stefan to persuade him to cross to the dark side. And now the world sees Stefan as a good guy while Damon is the bad brother. This is played very well and week after week the shocks and twists keep coming.

Yes, a show not to be missed, keep it coming.


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