Matt Smith is the Perfect Doctor Who

I remember sitting watching Doctor Who confidential waiting to see who the new Doctor was going to be and I was convinced it was going to be Russell Tovey.

Then the reveal-Matt Smith. I stared at the screen. Who? Who the hell was Matt Smith? Never heard of him. And then he began to talk about the role. I was uncertain about him, he looked alien, odd like the Doctor but was he the right choice I wondered? And then it happened.

He did the oddest gesture with his hands, something so slight, so Doctorish that it was magic. And I knew in that second, he was the Doctor.

But he had the shadow of Tennant to overcome and Matt was good in his first episode The 11th Hour but when it came to episode 2, there he was. the Doctor but not the modern Doctor we all knew but the classic Doctors. His gestures, his walk, his mannerisms echoed earlier Doctors and his anger at being faced with killing the space whale cemented his alieness.

“No human talk to me.” His internal struggle about this brought back Tom Baker’s decision whether to wipe the Daleks from history or not in Genesis of the Daleks.

Bit by bit, Matt, with every story, shone, his Doctor coming together so well, we knew he was Hartnell, Pertwee, Baker all rolled into one.

You can see he is an old man in a young body, the centuries alive in his eyes and the moment in The Big Bang when the Tardis materialises at Amy and Rory’s wedding is so perfect, we were punching the air in joy.

Matt has so many levels in those scenes, the silly dancing, the admiration for Rory who waited 2,ooo years for his true love, his affection for River and his declaration he is Amy’s imaginary friend speaks volumes, as in that moment you believe anything is possible, that your thoughts are the most powerful thing in creation, that life is full of possibilities even when life bogs you down. Even the hope that even if you lose someone, you will see them again someday.

The writing is good but it is the performances that sell it. Matt has nailed the character in just two episodes, whereas Tennant, brilliant though he was, took until School Reunion to convince me.

Doctor Who is in safe hands with Matt Smith, with his goofy gait, bow tie and love all the simplest things like Fezs. Long live the Doctor.


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