Birth of the Time Warriors

People always ask how do writers get their ideas so I’m going to tell you how the Time Warriors came about.

I am the ripe old age of 42, nobody believes I’m 27 anymore, but the Time Warriors began back when I was 16, in the days when Colin Baker was the sixth Doctor.

I had this story which would be perfect for Doctor Who, I knew it would propell the series into new heights, taking 2 classic elements and mixing them up for the next level in their evolution. People would scream with excitement, it would be an all time classic and it would spin me into a new life of fame and fortune.

So I hand wrote this story detailing a brand new adventure for the Doctor and Peri that hurtled them back to famine Ireland while the universe begins dissolving, to destroy an alien that was trying to revive itself after being trapped for a millenia in limbo.

I wrote every day, Bic pens draining as fast as |I could write and when finished and the universe was safe again, I drew a cover for the novelisation(optimistic wasn’t I?) and sent it all off to then producer, John Nathan Turner.

A couple of weeks later, it was returned with a nice letter saying they didn’t read handwritten scripts.

What? Is this for real? Do they know what they have turned down? A thousand teenage hormone thoughts flashed in my mind. So I did what anyone would do-  I was going to create my own heroes.

The starting point actually was, what if the Doctor was dead? Who would protect the Earth?

Aliens among us that looked like us was a given, a hidden battle station that could travel in time, a nerd who spent his life dreaming, a hothead girl with a gift for mechanics and a Belfast girl. No, more than that, a black Belfast girl, born and bred. It was about time the Irish got in on the alien ass kicking picture and my first love was Uhura from Star Trek.

She enchanted me, short skirt, red knickers and gorgeous eyes and a nice put down when necessary. I adored Uhura and was fascinated by the world Trek . Later was Dayna, Blake’s 7, Liz from the Tomorrow People and of course the fantastic Freema Agyeman’s Martha Jones in Doctor Who. Plus it would reflect a changing Ireland and free up the stereotype of all Irish associated by the Troubles.

Ordinary family with an Irish accent.

Time travel was a given and Varran had not to age and this was years before a certain Jack Harkness appeared on the scene.

So I devised the whole scenario of the last survivors of a dead world, killed by the man who would have been touched by the universe and given a vision. Unsure whether he was immortal or just a prisoner of time itself, he would live a solitary life until the arrival of Jacke, Michael and Tyran.

I then had to create monsters and aliens and make them credible threats rather than run of the mill invaders.

It was all planned, 16 different stories, all building on the other with threads running through each to build to a terrifying climax which would bring everything together.

Yes that was it, all sorted.

Except life got in the way, work, drink, girls, self discovery until my dad died 6 years ago in 16 weeks of a brain tumour.

And that was the turning point, the Time Warriors suddenly came back but I didn’t know them and when I began writing, they took on a life of their own, driving my stories in new directions, making decisions I hadn’t thought of, yet with each story,

becoming more than characters, they became people, right there in front of my eyes and beneath my fingers.

I found an agent who said it was a page turner that kept him reading until 2 in the morning and we began sending it out to publishers. And then on authonomy, where the world could read and vote on it.

As yet, the Time Warriors languish in reader’s lines and noone has wanted it(apart from the ones that wanted me to pay toward publishing it or wanted 50% of the profits) but somewhere out there is a publisher who will go for it.

All we can do is wait and, as Tyran says, I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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