Irish scifi going strong

Hopefully the Time Warriors will find a publisher soon but in the meantime, there are some very strong scifi groups out there doing remarkable things.

As a kid, I always wished Doctor Who would come to Northern Ireland and I remember my cousin meeting Terrance Dicks when he came to her school and she met the Daleks in Blackpool; Craigavon seemed such a magical place in those days where monsters roamed.

But flashforward, after travelling all over England to various conventions and scifi is alive and well in Ireland. There are various Star Trek groups all over the place but how fantastic was it when Doctor Who the Live Show came to the Odyssey last year and the new multicoloured Daleks stormed the stage and the Cybermen took the arena in a soulless determined march of death.

We have 2 very amazing groups, Emerald garrison and PredatorsIreland who put so much effort and love into recreating costumes and props from Star Wars and the Predator movies. I will be featuring them both soon.

Coming in may is Vortex 3, a Doctor Who convention organised by a mister Denis Rush and I will be reviewing that day when it comes.

To say I’m excited is an understatement, so will you be.


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