Ghostly goings on attracts Time Warrior interest

Hello everyone, Varran here with a quick update on a recent news report.

Having heard of ghostly goings on at a fairground in Surrey, Jacke, Michael and Tyran decided to investigate, having experienced something similar with the Banamin.

the site was ripe with temporal energy, like it had been soaking the area for decades but the discovery that the fairground had been built over an ancient burial site brought new things to the fore.

Somehow, an entity had been feeding off the energy, causing sightings of figures, headless monks in particular to scare off noisy people but all it was doing was regaining strength to give itself enough energy to go home. I believe it was some sort of dimensional creature but wherever it is now, it’s happy.

It’s nice to know that sometimes aliens aren’t out to take over the world or eat us.

Anyway, til next time guys, keep watching.


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