Owen Quinn in his own words

Hi I’m a 41 year old kid that at this stage will never grow up. I get excited every time I see a certain police box and in that moment when you actually stand on the threshold you believe that there may be more behind those wood panelled Tardis doors. And that’s how I see life, that everything should be an adventure, that there is nothing you can’t overcome and that everything happens for a reason. Life can be dark but there will always be light.

I live in northern ireland and am married with a kid and wrote my first novel at 16 before discovering girls and drink and life sort of got in the way but the passion for writing was always there in the back of my head; sometimes an ember, sometimes a furnace but always there until my father died 5 years ago and I realized life’s too short and if I don’t do this now, I never will. I hope you enjoy it.

Life really is too short and by god have a ball as best you can when you’re here.

And the lesson this week? It’s bloody hard to geta publishing deal!


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